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Home Savings Loan (Autonomous Province of Bolzano)

With the launch of the Home Savings initiative, the membership to an agreed supplementary pension fund is even more advantageous.

A member of a pension fund that has an agreement and meets the requirements, can access a loan at preferential conditions, i.e. the HOME SAVINGS LOAN, to be requested from the credit institutions taking part in the project.


1) Subscription: the interested person must have been subscribed to the supplementary pension plan for at least 8 years and be a member of the PensPlan Profi Pension Fund or other agreed upon funds.

2) Capital: the member must have accumulated a minimum capital of Euros 15,000 on the fund. 

3) Property: the home to be purchased, built or refurbished, must be located in the Province of Bolzano and must be used as the main residence.

4) Residence: the member must have resided in the Province of Bolzano for at least 5 years. 

5) Age: the member must not be over 65 years of age.


1) Tax deductible: payments made to the supplementary pension fund can be deducted from the taxable income up to a maximum amount of 5,164.57 Euros per year, even if paid for a dependent family member. 

2) Home savings loan: if you meet the requirements, you can access a Home Savings Loan, the amount of which corresponds to twice the capital accumulated in the supplementary pension fund (min. 15,000 Euros and max. 200,000 Euros for single persons - min. 30,000 Euros max. 300,000 Euros for married and unmarried couples).

3) A positive outlook for the future: the supplementary pension complements the public pension which alone will no longer be able to guarantee the same quality of life. With the Home Savings Loan, you will not lose the capital accumulated on your individual position with the supplementary pension fund. 

4) Why it is convenient: The Province of Bolzano finances the Home Savings initiative with a convenient and fixed interest rate.

5) Dependent family members: The head of the family can make contributions to the supplementary pension fund for her/his children or other dependent family members and benefit from the corresponding tax deduction.

The PensPlan Profi Pension Fund has an agreement with the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and gives you access to the HOME SAVINGS LOAN.

For further information, visit also the following site:

Home Purchase Contribution (Autonomous Province of Trento)

On March 29, 2018, the Autonomous Province of Trento decided to launch an important project for the residents of Trentino that supports the purchase of their first home by encouraging the simultaneous activation of a supplementary pension.

Further information on the first home purchase contribution promoted by the autonomous Province of Trento can be found on the website of the Press Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento.


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