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A dedicated fund

The Trentino Social Housing Fund is a closed-end real estate investment fund that falls within the category of reserved Italian AIFs  (Alternative Investment Funds). The subscription of the fund is reserved to: 

  1. Professional investors within the meaning of Article 1, paragraph 1, letter m elevicies, of the Consolidated Law on Finance, who subscribe or purchase Units of the Fund for a total amount not less than 100,000 Euro (one hundred thousand) net of subscription charges and expenses.
  2. Individuals, legal entities, or other entities that subscribe or purchase Units in the Fund for a total amount of not less than 500,000.00 Euros (five hundred thousand) net of subscription charges and expenses. 

It was set up by PensPlan Invest SGR S.p.A. now Euregio Plus SGR S.p.A., and by Finanziaria Internazionale Investments SGR S.p.A., (the fund management company) which, brought together in a temporary grouping of companies, won the tender issued by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Type of investment

The Fund is an instrument by which public and private investors support an action of availability of housing units for residential use to be offered in permanent rental as well as in property in accordance with the Provincial Law, in order to carry out functions of general interest in favor of the community by reducing housing discomfort for categories of people identified by provincial legislation.

The Fund has minimum assets of 40 million Euros and maximum assets of 130 million Euros, with a collection target of 110 million Euros to be allocated to the construction of estimated 500 Social Housing Units.

The subscription period ended on December 31, 2018.



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