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Services for Institutional Investors

Asset Management

An active management style

Our Company chooses an active management style in order to pay the utmost attention to preserve our Client’s assets and to reduce as much as possible negative returns, even on an annual basis. We therefore adopt a broad diversification of asset classes to respond promptly to the changing geopolitical scenarios and to the recurring variability on the financial markets. 

Individual portfolio management

An accurate and tailor-made service

Euregio Plus SGR offers its clients a high-level asset management service. The mandate is built according to individual needs: in fact, the objectives and principles that inspire any investment approach are agreed upon with the Client and constantly verified and updated.

UCITS establishment and management

Quality expertise in the financial sector

Euregio Plus SGR is authorized to set up and manage both UCITS and AIFs. It is registered on the AIFM register (number 43) and on the UCITS register (number 29).

Open-ended pension funds establishment and management

Long experience in pension solutions

Euregio Plus SGR launches and manages open pension funds for employees and self-employed people and their families within the aim of keeping an adequate standard of living even at the end of their working age.