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Euregio+ PMI AIF 

The Euregio+ PMI AIF Fund was established in November 2020 in support of local SMEs and has been operative since the third quarter of 2022. It invests in minibonds issued by companies and also operates via direct funding, addressing its efforts primarily towards unlisted companies whose registered and/or operational offices are in the Trentino-Alto Adige Region.
In selecting the companies towards which to direct such investments, we take into account such qualitative elements as the possession of a well-defined market position, a sound entrepreneurial management, proven capital solidity, adequate current and/or prospective profitability and significant potential for value creation, characterized by cashflow stability and growth over time. In addition, SGR gives preference to companies that (i) have defined projects for development, at national and international level, or for a company launch; (ii) have concrete merger projects in place with the aim of becoming stronger on the national and/or international market; (iii) have prospects for enhancing particular brands, patents or know-how; (iv) use advanced and innovative processes and technologies.


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