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Board of Directors

Alexander Gallmetzer (President)
Laura Costa (Adviser)
Eva Ogriseg (Independent Adviser)
Alessandro Tonina (Adviser)

Board of Statutory Auditors

Josef Auer (President)
Carlo Delladio (Statutory Auditor)
Silvia Arlanch (Statutory Auditor)


Euregio Plus SGR S.p.A./AG is 51% owned by Pensplan Centrum S.p.A*. and 45% by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, and 4% by the Autonomous Province of Trento. Euregio Plus SGR is an in house company of Pensplan Centrum S.p.A. and of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

*Pensplan Centrum S.p.A. is the coordinating structure of the entire Pensplan Project. It was established under the Regional Law 3/97 and is subject to the direction and coordination of the Autonomous Region of Trentino-South Tyrol.

Social Capital

The fully subscribed social capital is € 9.868.500.


General Manager:
Sergio Lovecchio

Chief Investment Officer:
Alessandro Giubbilei

Chief Real Estate & Urban Development Officer:
Michele Lorusso

Administrative Manager:
Alessandro Salvaterra

Head of Risk Management:
Vladimir Spirito