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Super Bonus Project – GreenEconomy_logo_DEFEuregio+ Green Economy AIF

This is a solution both for condominiums and citizens who decide to renovate their properties, as well as for companies operating in the sector that can discount their invoices. The solution identified permits condominiums and companies to purchase tax credits at competitive prices both for works in progress and at the end of the works.

Euregio Plus supports the project as a financial partner via the Euregio+ Green Economy alternative investment fund; it also promotes and facilitates the purchasing and disposal of credits by making available the “Euregio+ Superbonus Platform” to citizens, co-owners, designers and companies.


Link to platform for accrual of tax credit
Link to Euregio + Green Economy AIF
Link Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano - Progetti Superbonus 110
Link to auctions for purchase of tax credits


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