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Real Estate and Urban development


The real estate market of our territory includes areas with a strong potential for development in the public interest.

We have chosen to activate a series of initiatives to the benefit of the community by exploiting local resources and attracting investors interested not only in an adequate financial return but also in the “public benefits” of the plan.

We propose a balanced mix of expected returns and risk containment by seizing investment opportunities in the real estate development and urban development sector.


We work alongside research institutes and public shareholders interested in sustainable land development and climate protection, bringing our expertise in the field of financing, energy efficiency, and regeneration projects.

We propose together with our partners, innovative solutions that integrate capital and know-how for the energy regeneration of our urban heritage within the aim of achieving results in terms of cost saving, reduction of harmful emissions, and return for our investors.


The infrastructure market is characterized by a growing demand, constant technological and management innovation, and limited public resources. We are committed to intercept the needs of our territory and seek the best financial solutions, also in collaboration with specialized companies.

Through consolidated formulas of Public-Private Partnerships of our territory, we wish to expand the infrastructure park by activating a worthy circle to produce social benefits for the community and economic returns for our investors.