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2P Invest Multi Asset

A valuable solution

The “2P Invest Multi Asset” UCITS is an open-ended mutual investment fund under the Italian law with a harmonized multi-fund structure, divided into the following sub-funds:

  • Euro Government Bond
  • Euro Corporate Bond
  • Euro Short-Term Bond
  • ESG Bond
  • Euro Equities
  • ESG Equities

Each sub-fund has two Classes of “Class R” and “Class I’ shares, except ESG Bonds and ESG Equities that have only “Class R”.

Recipients of the fund

Class I” shares maybe subscribed by Professional Clients by right (see point 1 of Appendix 3 of the Intermediary Regulations according to the Consob Resolution no. 16190/07 and following amendments, as well as by the Qualified Counterparties according to Article 6, paragraph 2-quarter, letter d), numbers 1), 2), 3) of the Consolidated Law on Finance).

Class R shares may be subscribed only by the SGR.

There are two ways to subscribe

  1. By Euregio Plus SGR SpA, at its own seat
  2. By means of remote communication, fax or PEC, as indicated by point 6 of the Regulations, an option valid only for 'Class I' shares.  

For all information regarding membership, please refer to the Management Regulations, the Prospectus, and the Subscription Form published in the ‘General Documents’ section.